Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Egypt Spring Revolution 2.0

With this blog, I want to show my Middle East friends I care.

Egyptian Dr. Prof. Amin AKKAR – Belgium, explained yesterday at the Belgian in a 6'24” interview during the primetime news
why there were again protests in Egypt. Basically, the military intermediary government
1* is saying 1 thing when the international press is watching, but doing another thing in reality: e.g. It says it is maintaining order until there are free elections next week, but it is releasing deliberately mostly Islam extremists and plain criminals from prison so these will start attacking e.g. Koptic Christians and their Churches or start terrorizing the people. This creates an excuse to make arrests and boycot the formation of new parties around leaders of the Egyptian Arab Revolution. However, the only ones they arrest are leaders of the Egyptian “Spring Revolution”. There are enough youtube videos to support this.
2* The military and police shoot with sharp and do not arrest mostly Islam extremists they released from prison who shoot with sharp.
3* The military intermediary governments' state TV time given to different political fractions is completely bogus. More liberal political groups get near to or no speaking time.
4* The military intermediary government is suffering from corruption, in that they are supported by certain Arab Kingdoms who feel menaced by a democratic Egypt and support financially and logistically radical Islam groups.
Egyptian Dr. Prof. Amin AKKAR calls the EU for following-up the election process closely and certainly sent a very large contingent of observers as in the past numerous falsifications of the election results and vote ballots were reported that resulted in President Mubarak staying in power for “only” several decades which is completely unlikely in a democracy.

Personal notes Sven AERTS:
To check how the EU is supporting democratic forces in Egypt, I use following strategy:
  1. google, using Egypt Revolution but this gave too many old results, so added November. I was dissapointed the websites of my 2 preferred sites didn't appear on the first page. I read the most relevant stories presented to me by google. The general tone was that of frustration and allegations of hypocrisy of the EU Representations. My remark to this is not to shoot the pianist: Europe's foreign policy is not muscular like the USA's foreign policy because there is not enough Europe! I think the EU representations are very creative in using the limited power, budget and personnel they have been entrusted with by their EU citizens. The EU representations cannot do much more but make sure they have access to the most reliable independent data, help sending out this info into the world, name-calling those who try to hide the truth or support forces that are against the Universal Human Rights and publish calls for forces that support the Universal Human Rights to have some projects supported financially, but note these budgets are very limited and are only passed by the EU control organs - s.a. the EU Parliament, NGO's – for very specific projects that are go not much further that supporting the organization of a “screening of a movie promoting some Universal Right Theme”. If one wants stronger intervention by the EU, one has to support the EU and applaud what it is doing and call upon EU Citizens to support the EU leaders that one wants more of this, i.e. vote for parliamentarians that want MORE europe and not less.
  2. Of course go to the source directly: the website of the EU High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton: http://www.eeas.europa.eu/index_en.htm and then search for Egypt Revolution. This is what came up: “The EU has supported the Egyptian people's democratic uprising from the start and offers its support and assistance to the process of democracy building." What does that mean in practice? The answer is given by The High Representative is supported by a think-tank and expert center : The EU Institute for Security Studies (EUISS): http://www.iss.europa.eu/publications/detail/article/egyptian-democracy-and-the-muslim-brotherhood/
    1. The EUISS gives clear-cut policy recommendations:
      1. Kristina Kausch recommends that the EU move beyond a counter-productive focus on political Islam and Islamist ideology in its approach to potential and emerging Arab democracies,
      2. to focus instead on policy issues,
      3. all relevant actors and
      4. (move beyond) the importance to EU interests of successful democratic transitions and economic strategies.
      5. The EU should make greater strategic use of its statements,
      6. put pressure on the SCAF and
      7. move away from ad hoc crisis management towards a comprehensive strategy.
      8. Amr Elshobaki calls on the EU to demonstrate clarity and consistency on the question of Egyptian democracy and
      9. put an end to perceived double standards towards democracy in the Middle East. He recommends the
      10. sustained support of effective electoral monitoring and the
      11. sharing of European expertise and experience, in particular with newly emerging Egyptian political actors.
      12. Nathan J. Brown cautions against outsiders playing winners and losers by variously supporting and excluding different political actors, pointing to the dangers of such tactics raising internal tensions and undermining liberal and secular forces in Egypt. He recommends that
      13. external actors should act multilaterally to communicate
        1. emerging international standards of governance,
        2. including with regard to holding elections and
        3. constitution-writing, as well as
        4. place sustained emphasis on human rights and universal values.
  3. And I also take a look at what the top EU electronic free gazette is publishing on the topic. They always have a great chronological overiew: http://www.euractiv.com/global-europe/arab-autumn-disenchants-eu-news-508263
Voila, my support and contribution of respect to the brave non-extremist people in Egypt making the Egypt and Arab Spring Revolution. And remember: push for MORE Europe, not less !

Monday, October 3, 2011

Belgium - recordholder government formation. Over 1 year and still no government ...

And why is there no civil war or why don't things start falling apart, like maybe payments can't go on? Because Belgium has several layers of government that get elected at different moments:

RaadNormale duur van de legislatuurLaatste verkiezing
1. At the level of the Communes, elections for the ... = Gemeenteraad (BlackStar.PNG)6 jaar2006+6=2012
2. Idem Provinces = Provincieraad6 jaar2006+6=2012
3. Idem Parliament for the Flemish Region = Vlaams parlement5 jaar2009+5=2014
4. Idem Parliament for Brussels Region = Brussels hoofdstedelijk parlement5 jaar2009+5=2014
5. Idem Parliament of the Region of Wallonia = Waals parlement5 jaar2009+5=2014
6. Idem Parliament of the German speaking region = Parlement van de Duitstalige Gemeenschap5 jaar2009+5=2014
7. Idem European Parliament = Europees parlement5 jaar2009+5=2014
8. Idem Parliament of the Belgian Federal State level where the German, French, Brussels and Flemish meet = Kamer van Volksvertegenwoordigers4 jaar2010+4=2014
9. Idem but the "Wise" on the level of the Belgian Federal State = Senaat4 jaar2010+4=2014
Now these governments on all levels can "fall", i.e. break apart if one thinks the negotiated agreement with the plan of action, allocation of means (money, people, or laying of people and cutting in budgets or reallocating them) is not in line anymore with the initial spirit of the agreement.
Sometimes people don't make the distinction between something that plays at e.g. the national level and take revenge on the politicians during the election on the local=commune level or visa versa.  Especially on the national=federal level and the regional level it's not in the top of the minds of people of who's responsible of what past policy again.

Friday, October 22, 2010

NGO'S please implement the changes as required now that you have the CO2e-money printing machines!

NGO's please take-up your new roles, act as the partner you're required, do what you've been investing in all these decades.  Since 2005, a tree is not just a tree, it's a printing machine of money. Of money of the Low Carbon Economy and let's hope we can push the CO2e-certificates to be the money of immediately a sustainable society.  But if you want that change you've been working for, then you have to get out of your trenches.  The best CO2e-certificate generating projects are those that are done with local cooperatives, as close to the people as possible: investors don't want to invest in 10 km2 of PhotoVoltaics in the middle of nowhere.  Investors want to put 10 km2 of PV on the roofs of people, schools, health centers, libraries, you name it.  But it's not happening enough because the ngo's that have the contacts with these grassroots and cooperatives and local groups, don't come out of their trenches in which they've had to burry themselves for decades.  They keep behaving too often and too long as if the 2005 turning that is the entry into force of the Kyoto Protocol didn't happen.  Get trained in talking "Kyoto", it will be a very short workshop for you.  Go quickly update on how exactly you can go print that CO2e-money, who wants to invest in such projects, who needs the CO2e-certificates and take that money to where it belongs and become rich in the process of helping out !

The money is there, the Kyoto Protocol is there, the technologies are there ... it's just walking the talk now.

Skype me: SvenAERTS for a setting-up a workshop.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

De vrije markt - 09/10/10

De vrije markt - 09/10/10: Open Antwerp goes bust. Where is the Toyota Prius made? What is the name of the Mazda and Honda hybrid? And where are they made? And when did they start investing in those? And what is the name of the town with the first electric car charging grid or do you have an electricity plug at home in your garage? Offer your buildings, walls, roofs, elder generation as a place where these asian tigers can come put insulation, PV, rainwater recup in at a zero-investment solution for the aging society. Winers!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

+200.000 additional inhabitants in Brussels by 2020. With or withouth Climate Refugees?

By 2020, some +200.000 additional inhabitants are expected in Brussels.  I wonder if the people estimating this number took into account some Global Climate Destabilization factor.  The 1 billion people living in permanent threat of a Climate Distater according to the moderate scenario for an average Global Warming lower than 2°C, are not going to just let themselves "die".  They're going to flee if possible.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

De Zenne, after the Temperature Shock, the Anoxic shock, now the Osmotic shock

It's very easy these days to have a meal in Brussels: just go to the canal with your plate and you'll find plenty of fish, death, salted and fried.
Average temperature increase due to the Greenhouse effect, resulted in algae blooms, anoxic waters, death fish this summer. Now the Acquiris - Veolia (former USFilter-Generales des Eaux/Vivendi, I know as I was their employee at the time and even worked on the project), who financed, built, owns and operates the water treatment plant for most of Brussels sewage, was confronted by a rather peculiar "water load" as it is called: not the usual sand, plastic and papers, but chunks of wall and concrete pipes. Floating fridges, an occasional tyre followed by the rest of the car. Completely above agreed upon "load", clogging the grids and damaging the filters of the station, resulting in a release untreated water, very high in toxics and nutrients, resulting in an anoxic shock for the remaining fish.
Well done all involved! The fish will now sue you in the form of Greenpeace/WWF/friends of the earth/local nature group? Or the government itself will penalise itself? Well, she's happy with the "deal". Well I don't think a minister of Environment can be very happy when she had to leave Copenhaegen for this, and confronted with fish dying from an osmotic shock from the salt now. Stop that, use something else to keep you from slipping.
The poor living water creatures, heavily weakenedd by the anoxic attack soon after faced an osmotic attack from all the salt that's generously thrown on the roads during a couple of days of snow. Do we really need to throw salt on small roads? Why not diversify with some sand, alcohol, wood dust?
I looked downstream if no orka's or other salt water fish came swimming up the river ... Acquiris people first eaten by crocodiles that survived in the sewage system, anaconda's, spiders, giant rats ... now attacked by an orka. Blue whale stuck in 3 turn to the left. Massive flooding before sea-level water rises. What a sight it would be.
A temperature shock, an anoxic shock, an osmotic shock ... what a life for those fish.
I rather get back inside, TV 's showing a nice nature documentary: Life ... in Climate Change, biodiversity to drop by 30% per °C average increase. I zap away to find the news: Kopenhaegen failed... expected limitation to 2 °C, meaning peak temperature by 2015 is ruled out. Wait a second, 1°C = -30% biodiversity, 2°C = -60% biodiversity, 4°C = -20% biodiversity? Fortunately things stop at zero. Is there no good movie? Ah: The Age of Stupid.